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Equipment Rental

Extensive experience in Comprehensive Security Solutions


Security for Mass Events

We have immediate availability of Equipment Rentals that provide Security Solutions to be used in small and large-scale events such as corporate events, forums, congresses, diplomatic summits, sporting events, concerts, festivals and various massive events that represent great challenges for those responsible. to ensure safety.
Our Rental Services include the following Products:

X-Ray Inspection Systems.

Walk-through Metal Detectors

Manual Metal Detectors.

Trace Detectors for Explosives.

CCTV systems.

Body Armor

Our extensive experience providing Comprehensive Security Solutions in Equipment Rental guarantees protection to all participants without affecting the normal course of the event.

All our Equipment for Rental are of recognized International Brands, which comply with the highest standards and International Security regulations, with Certifications from Governments and International Agencies such as The European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC), The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA ), The UK Department for Transport (DfT), among others.

The benefits that we guarantee for your event are:

Detection of weapons and threats inside bags and backpacks through X-Ray Tunnels.

Detection of threats in people through Metal Detectors Arches.

Accurate detection of threats in people through Manual Metal Detectors.

Registration of inspection and access to events through CCTV (Closed Circuit Television).

Ballistic protection for dignitaries, executives or security personnel participating in the event.

Full control of access to events and people counters.

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